Identify Overlapping Action In Character Animation

identify overlapping action in character animation

Recently, I received an email from a fellow animator. She request for some advise on overlapping action (follow through). Overlapping action can be challenging, especially in character animation. This is because applying overlapping action involves timing, correct poses and staggering animation with other segments. I've created 5 videos to help explain this challenge thoroughly.

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How To Identify Overlapping Action?

In my ebook, I talked about the fundamental of overlapping action. It helps beginners to grasp the concept using basic seaweed example. However, complex animation, such as character movement, requires deeper understanding in human's mechanics.

I recommended her to read my character animation case study, which I explained more on humanoid's motion. I've also shared my initial animation planning before developing my character animation.


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Sometimes words and images might not necessary provide sufficient understanding. Thus, I requested her to provide me with her video reference, which she plans to animate. Different action has different approach in applying principle of animation. By analysing her reference video, I'll be able to provide a 'make to order' explanation.


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So here are the two videos which she planned to animate.

First is a person performing a karate kick.


Second is a person jumping over a vault.

I recorded my response and organised them into 5 short videos.

The 5 videos will talk about:

1. Addressing the overlapping issue
2. Referencing tip for animation
3. Analysing video reference
4. Demonstration using Maya for animation tips on FK/IK
5. My recommended productive animation sequence


Video 1/5: Animation Struggle On Follow Through and Overlapping Action

Follow through and overlapping action is tricky in character animation. Sometimes it is not easy to identify where to apply overlapping action.


Video 2/5: Animation reference with OffLiberty

Watching Youtube video online for animation reference is tough. It is hard to scrub and pause the video. Also, we need internet connection in order to watch the video. This video shares the technique to download videos from Youtube for referencing purpose.


Video 3/5: Analysing Reference Video For Animation

The biggest issue in creating animation is diving into production without proper planning. Analysing reference video before production helps to plan the animation. Reducing errors in development increases the artist's productivity.


Video 4/5: Maya Tips To Using FK/IK For Character Animation

We may not easily identify when to apply FK and IK in our character animation. We have to understand the motion's nature in order to effectively apply FK and IK appropriately.


Video 5/5: Animation Sequence For Character

Character animation is challenging because it requires many complex steps to achieve the outcome. Implementing proper steps helps to improve the productivity of animation. We can reduce the number of errors in development and become more efficient.


How do you apply overlapping action in character animation?

Let me know by leaving a quick comment right now.

Or perhaps you have a question about this animation approach.

If you have a thought or question, let me know in the comment box below!


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