nash_linHi! I'm Nash Lin and I am here to share my animation skills and knowledge! If you are at this blog, you are probably someone who wish to become an animator or wants to know how do artists create amazing animations. I welcome you and I hope you will like what I share in my blog. If you have any particular questions about animation in your mind that is not covered in my blog, please do feel free to contact me at I'll try my best to reply you and your comments!

I like to play many different genres of games in the past, ranging from Counter Strike, Warcraft, Starcraft, WOW and many other fun games. Since then, I told myself that one day I'm going create exciting animations or 3D graphics. I began learning multimedia in the early 2000s and that is the closest I can get to making animations. Back in those days, it wasn't easy to find schools that teach animation in my country, Singapore, so I have to do my own research and learn almost all about animation by myself.

After many years of working in small studios and taking up freelance projects and continuous learning from other great animators from the web, I'm eventually what I am now! Well, its a long way for me and I hope you can learn much faster than me by learning step by step from my tutorials and learning not to make the mistakes I used to do.

I hope you will enjoy reading and viewing my blog and take home something that will be useful for you in your animation career!

Nash Lin

Nash Lin is a digital concept developer who creates and manages projects with the digital media industry. He is a multimedia trained artist and specializes in 2D and 3D animation. Nash Lin is also a multimedia trainer, teaching students in multimedia arts such as 2d and 3D modeling and animations, graphics and video editing, etc.