Learn to Animate with Nash Lin

Learn to Animate With Nash Lin

Learn you animation skill just like building a house with good foundation. Learning animation from the fundamentals of 12 principles of animation allows you to animate with realism and high quality motion. Learn with Nash Lin as he guides your step by step to level up your animation skill!

Learn the Fundamentals!
Learn To Animate With Nash Lin

Learn To Animate With Nash Lin

Hi, I'm Nash Lin, a self taught animator, concept designer and a multimedia lecturer. I love creating animation and I want to share with YOU how I become an animator and create all the fun things I do! Anyone who wish to learn animation are welcome to start learning animation with me and potentially become a professional junior animator.

Start Learning Animation Here!

Basic Animation Training

Start with basic animation exercise to get you warming up with your software and your animation fundamentals!


Character Animation

Learn to create realistic character animation with exercises such as walk cycle, acting, lip synchronisation and compiling your industry standard portfolio!

(Coming Soon!)

Animation Struggle

Struggling during your animation creation? Ask me! I'll try my best to help you find a solution!


Find out more useful animation tips and discussion that I write share in my blogs!

Tools for Animation

Here are the tools I personally use to create my animation and my portfolio


Animation Job

Here are some website that you can find animation job and earn some money!

(Coming Soon!)

I want to make learning available not only to people who can afford it, but also to anyone who wish to learn animation with me.

- Nash Lin

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