Beginners Online 3D Animation Classes in Maya

Beginners online 3D animation classes in Maya are video recordings that shows you exactly how the entire animation exercise is created.

3D Walk Cycle Animation Class In Maya - Bean Sprout F3R3 Method (3 hours)

3d walk cycle animation classThe difficulty in creating a realistic 3d walk cycle animation is juggling with human mechanics and the principles of animation at the same time. This can be challenging especially for beginners who are learning animation and new to the software Maya.

Fortunately, with the right approach, 3d walk cycle animation can be done effectively with realistic result in just 3 hours.

In this walk cycle animation class, this is what you will achieved in Maya.


Walk Cycle Left View

Left View

Walk Cycle Perspective View

Walk Cycle Perspective View

Walk Cycle Front View

Front View

Walk Cycle Right View

Walk Cycle Right View












Why Online Animation Class?

> Step by step video guide. Effective learning structure. Result oriented lessons!

> All videos are mobile friendly, watched them with your mobile devices so you can work on your animation at the same time!

> Videos comes with standard and HD quality. Choose standard for faster download speed or choose HD for sharper viewing quality!

> No need to wait for teachers to repeat demonstration because you can repeat my videos as many times as you like!

> Learn comfortably and conveniently at home or cafe, save time and expenses on traveling!

> Enjoyable learning process with sample answers to check your progress!

> Because animation class is made online, that means you pay less to learn more!




30 days money back guarantee30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Different students have different learning pace, that is why I'm giving you a 30 Days Money Back Guarantee. This ensures you have sufficient time to learn and pick up the software and the animation knowledge. I’m so sure that you’ll enjoy learning 3d Walk Cycle Animation Class with me that I’m offering a “No-Questions-Asked” 100%  30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

If you sign up for my 3d Walk Cycle Animation Class and doesn't like what I'm teaching you, then I don’t want your money. Simply ask for your money back, and I’ll happily refund your purchase in full. No hard feelings because I know this animation class will definitely improve your animation skill at the end of the lesson.



What's Bean Sprout F3R3 Method?

These are the main key points we want to include in our walk cycle animation:

1. Character walks naturally without any jerks
2. Good demonstration of forces and overlapping actions
3. Input of impactful details such as balancing, natural looking hands, visually appealing toe movement, subtle head motion and more.

The challenge that beginners face is juggling all these aspects at the same time. Using Bean Sprout F3R3 method, the entire walk cycle animation can be broken down into bite sizes which prevents beginners from being confused.

bead sprout methodThe character is animated in the following Bean Sprouting sequences:

A. Pelvis
B. Legs
C. Upper Torso
D. Head
E. Arms


We then apply the Foundation 3 and Refinement 3 (F3R3) which are the 6 most essential principles of animation:

F3R3 Sequence MethodF3 sequence is PoseTimeEase:

  1. Pose the main keyframes in walk cycle
  2. Time and space the key frames
  3. Add in forces by Ease in and out

R3 sequence is OverExagApp:

  1. Add Overlapping action if applicable
  2. Exaggerate when actions aint obvious
  3. Correct any action to look Appealing


Is This The Right Animation Class for me?

This class is for beginners 3d animators who is are learning character animation. If you had done some basic bouncing ball and overlapping exercises in Maya, this walk cycle class will be just right for you to level up your animation skill. Or if you are a student currently learning animation but experiencing difficulty in churning out a realistic walk cycle, this class will assist you in your practice.

If you are not familiar with Maya's basic interface and have not tried animating with Maya at all, this class might be challenging for you.




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Walk Cycle Animation At This Crazy Price?

Animation class is not cheap. A two hour class would have cost easily $100. Within that two hours, it is no guarantee that you can achieve a realistic walk cycle because of the difficulty involved. This walk cycle animation class can easily cost $150 - $200. Fortunately, I'm not even promoting at a 3-digit figure because I want you to improve from learning online with me! My fee for you is only $75.90! $39.90! ONLY $19.90! 

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If you are ready to take up the walk cycle challenge, let's work together! Join the class and have fun animating your walk cycle! I'll see you in class soon!


Nash Lin