Ironman’s Chest Plate Modeling with Maya (Preview)

Ironman Chest Plate Modeling

This is a sneak preview of modeling Ironman's chest plate tutorial. Low poly modeling technique is applied in this video to encourage the fundamental idea of sculpting in 3D software.

3D Modeling is very similar to drawing. When we draw, we can choose from various grades of pencil from H to 2B or 6b and etc. There are many tools available in the software but we must learn to use the right tool and right approach to create the result that we aim for.

We first start with using reference image modelling approach in the software to guide us on scale and proportion. This is a crucial stage because the design image is our goal and it serves as a guide for us.

Our favorite tools for modeling are mainly translate/move, rotate and scale. 80% of our production make use of these basic  tools to manipulate the shape of our model. These tools are usually good enough for beginners to learn how to sculpt their models in the virtual environment.

This video tutorial models out the chest plate of Ironman and this is a good practice because these surface are suppose to be hard edges and easier to understand. I hope you will like this video preview as I am very excited in sharing my skills with you!

The 21 short videos on Ironman 3d modeling will be available for you to learn and create!

The video tutorial, I not only share how to model and sculpt, I'll also share my approach when I'm modeling. Many beginners learn to use only the tools and not the art behind modeling. I'll share with you how I analyze when I look the image reference and eventually how I come out with the solution to model the shape as closely as possible to the design.

The full video tutorial will be split up into 18 21 short videos to allow you to learn modeling step by step, touching the details of Ironman's chest plate one at a time. This tutorial will be more than 2hrs of training to guide you to achieve the same modeling result as me. This video will be made available to you very soon so please sign up quickly!