Why is creativity so important and powerful?

power of creativityMany times in my life, I come across things and events that makes me ask, “Why are things done this way when there is a better alternative?” I’ve worked for many companies who have their daily operation done in the orderly and conventional manner. These companies totally turned me off because I find that I can do those operations at a much faster and efficient manner just by giving a slight creative modification.


Worse thing could happen is when you are working with people who are conformed to their daily activity. They are so conformed that even if you give them a 1 minute solution to a 1 hour operation, they will conveniently reject the solution just because, “I like to do it this way, because I’m used to it.” There is nothing wrong with this mindset because you can’t force people to change their thinking, unless it affects their pay cheque, right?


importance of creativitySo why is creativity so important? With creativity, you explore possibilities to improve things, you bring new ideas to people and stimulate new ideas to others. If you are working in the digital art and media industry, continuous improvement is important because technology and ideas advance so quickly that you will soon be obsolete. At least at the bare minimal, you must be able to catch up with the trend.


Why is creativity powerful? Being creative gives you an opportunity to improve someone’s life, be it your boss or your client. If you are good enough, you might be in-charge of your project or becoming your own boss! If your dream is to watch your concept developed into a complete project, you will have to seize the opportunity with good creativity. Concept is king, and if you have the concept and creativity, you have a high chance to lead the team.


creativity the key to improvementWhen you are providing more value to someone, you will benefit at the same time, either in monetary form, gain recognition, etc. If you are an artist and you are creative enough to create an art piece that not many people can achieve, you are considered outstanding. Your value to your boss, your client or the industry will be higher in comparison with other colleagues or competitors.


If you are a normal digital artist and you are able to create quality assets at a shorter time, you are also giving more value to your company and you might be promoted. Don’t get me wrong that I see benefits at the end result of being creative. Benefit comes in as a sub-result when you are successful with creativity. However, you should always be asking “how can I provide better or higher value to others?”


Do not think that creativity only exist in the art sector. You can become creative in almost anything you do in your daily life. You explore avenues to improve your environment, your work and even your relationships with friends and family. However, do not be afraid to try new things or activities. Creative people are risk takers, they have a new idea and they try it out. Even if an idea doesn’t work, it is still a step closer to actualizing your idea.


Many will doubt their own creativity level, but there is one fact you have to know, that is everyone possesses creativity within them. I’ll share more in my next blog on “Why are Japanese so creative?!


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