3D Animation Short Course In Singapore

3D Animation Short Course In SingaporeWant to create your own 3D animation but not sure where to start?

June school holiday is here! Take up a 3D Animation Short Course In Singapore!

Create your very own exciting 3D animation in this June school holiday!

Free Learn To Animate Ebook upon sign up!

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3D Animation Short Course In Singapore

1. Beginners 3D Animation Short Course

What you will learn:

1. Introduction to animation concept
2. Working with Maya's Interface for animation
3. Bouncing ball animation
4. Soft waving animation
5. Exporting animation as video

This is what you will achieve at the end of the 3D animation class:


3D bouncing ball animation 3d animation class macbook 3d animation class keyboard 3d animation class mouse


Who is this class for?

1. You like to learn animation
2. You like 3d (3 dimensional space)
3. You have no animation background
4. You want to learn new software
5. You like to try 3d animation as career in future




Nash is a helpful and skilled lecturer. Passionate in his teaching and value his student's ideas and input.

Candice, Multimedia Student


Learning with Nash was very enjoyable. He was very responsible, patient and professional teacher. This course significantly helped improved my skill on 3D Max.

Salad, Multimedia Student

3d animation class feedback jason

Very enlightening lesson! Very enjoyable, adequately paced with an attentive teacher.
- Jason -

3d animation class feedback hiong poh

Okay, good course structure. Thanks for organising this for the kids!
- Hiong Poh -

3d animation class feedback jia jin

Fun and interesting. I learn how to do 3d animation using computer. Complicated but fun.
- Lee Jia Jin -

3d animation class feedback anonymous

It was enjoyable and beneficial, the instructor was helpful and approachable.
- Anonymous -

3d animation class feedback lin jay

This class is very interesting as I never used Autodesk Maya before. The website is easy to understand and the instructor clarifies any doubts you have. Overall, this is a great course and I would like to participate again if possible.
- Lin Jay -

3d animation class feedback joyce chew

I learnt how to make animation.
- Joyce Chew -


Event Photo

3d animation class 5 students 3d animation class 3 students 3d animation class briefing 4 3d animation class 12 yo student 3d animation class explain 1 3d animation class explain 8 3d animation class explain 6 3d animation class briefing 1 3d animation class explain 7 3d animation class explain 2 3d animation class explain 5 3d animation class demo 1 3d animation class explain 4 3d animation class briefing 2 3d animation class explain 3 3d animation class demo 2 3d animation class briefing 3



take home training video2. Keep The Video Training Materials Even After Class!

Ever wanted to ask the trainer to repeat the steps again after class?

Now you can!

You get to watch all the training videos from all the classes even after it ends!

You can watch it repeatedly to practice 3D animation at home!

This allows you to refresh your memory if you are unable to remember the steps during class.

How cool is that?! This is what I personally wanted to have when I'm learning animation in the past. After my class, I have to try to figure out things on my own. I have this problem before and I know how sad it is.

But I do not want you to experience it! I want you to enjoy your learning even after my class.

That's my contribution to you!


3. BonLearn To Animate With Observation Ebookus Material - Learn To Animate With Observation Ebook !

You will get Learn To Animate With Observation Ebook for FREE when you sign up for any animation class! This ebook talks about 3 different stage to critically improve your animation concept. The ebook is built upon years of experience in the animation industry.


Reading your book has helped my observation. I now look to observe rather than see and this became possible only after I came across 'POR'. After observing, recapturing isn't a big deal and also, animation doesn't seem difficult compared to when I haven't read your book. I believe I can please the audience now.
All thanks to you!

Jesse, University student

Get your ebook now when you join the fun 3d animation class!


4. Frequently Asked Questions

I do not have Autodesk Maya, can I still join?

Yes, you can still join the animation class. If you have signed up for classes which requires your personal laptop, you can reach 1 hour earlier. I'll assist you from there.


How is this workshop conducted?

Everyone has their own learning pace and this workshop caters to your needs. The entire workshop is video recorded for students to watch and learn at their own.


So why do I need to attend the class if the trainings are available on video?

Due to complexity of the software, some students may not necessarily follow exactly according to the video and get stuck. Occasionally, students may accidentally clicked on the wrong buttons and got lost as well. When this happens, I'll be there to help you get back on track in no time.


What if I'm a fast learner and finished the video early?

There are definitely fast learners in every class. I'll help fast learners by giving them more challenging exercise to apply what they have learnt in the animation class. This will help them hon their skills to perfection.


Do I get a certification at the end of this workshop?

No certification will be issued. However, you main take away at the end of this workshop is a video of your own animation creation. I'll guide you to exporting your animation into video for you to share on social media or upload to your mobile devices.


How big is the animation class?

The class is capped at 9 students. Every students needs feedback on their progress. The class size ensures sufficient attention is given to every student.


My child likes animation, can he sign up?

Yes, I welcome anyone to my class from 10 years old and up. They must have basic knowledge in using computer. However, for children who require more attention, parents or guardian are advised to accompany them.


Class Prerequisite:

1. basic computer knowledge
2. Able to communicate in English
3. Own personal thumb drive to save your work



5. Register for your FREE 3D Animation Short Course!

Class 1A: Personal Laptop Required (Mac or Win O/S)

Dates: 9th June (Tuesdays)

Duration: 2 hours
Time: 9.30 am - 11.30 am
Venue: 59 Pasir Ris Drive 1, Belysa, S(519532)
Price: FREE $50 (Usual $110)

*If you do not have a laptop, limited MacBooks are available for loaning at $10 for the class.


Class 1B: Desktop Computer Provided (Win O/S)

Dates: FULL! 4th June OR FULL! 11th June (Thursday) OR 16th June(Tuesday) Filling Fast!

Duration: 3 hours
Time: 1 pm - 3 pm
Venue: Colosseum @ Bugis +
Price: FREE $60 (Usual $130)
2 Seats left!! Hurry!

Register 3D Animation Short Course Now!


More questions?

If you have more enquiries, feel free to give me a call @9781 9789! You can also email me your question to nash@ilearntoanimate.com. I'll be here to answer you on all your questions! Or you can simply ask me from the comment box below!

I may not respond 24/7, but I promise you I'll get back to you at the soonest possible time! (usually within a day's time 😉





nash_lin_fullAbout the Animation Coach

Nash is a multimedia trainer since 2007. He graduated from SAE Institute with a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Multimedia. He specialises in digital animation after graduation.

Nash loves animation. He creates flip book animation, 2D frame by frame animation and 3D fighting animation. Nash creates concept and storyboards for animation. Recently he is also involved in creating his own mobile game.

Nash also has great interest in teaching. He likes to share his efficient way of learning to his student. He believes learning can be fun and enjoyable. This is achieved when his students are able to see immediate result by following his step by step demonstration.

Nash wants to make learning animation affordable. He creates many video tutorials so that his students are able to watch his training when they are stuck. This helps students to learn at their own pace without other distraction.