Learn to create bouncing ball flash animation for beginners!

Learn to create bouncing ball animation with FlashIf you are new to learning animation, this is the best tutorial to get you started! Every animator starts to learn animation by creating a bouncing ball animation.

In this video tutorial, I'll guide you to use an animation software called Adobe Flash (version CS4 and above) from creating the file all the way to finishing your bouncing ball Flash animation. So what are you waiting for? Start up your Adobe Flash and lets get started!

Learn Flash Animation Basics

The videos are created in high definition (HD) format so you can view exactly how I created the animation. I have split this tutorial into 4 videos. At any point of time, if you have already learn how to do certain steps, feel free to skip to the next video. Nevertheless, I still encourage you to watch it because sometimes I'll include some very "tiny mini" tips for animation production which are common industry practices that schools don't teach!

#1/4 Draw circle in Flash for bouncing ball tutorial (4:50min)


#2/4 Learn to convert shapes into symbols and usage of symbols in Flash (4:55min)


#3/4 Learn to create motion tween and key frames for Flash Animation (4:04min)


#4/4 Learn to create Bouncing effect using Motion Editor in Flash (7:36min)

The tutorial videos include short cut keys mainly for Mac O/S users. I'm not bias but based on my current class, 7 out of 8 students are using Macbook Pro. This is why I put more emphasis on Mac shortcuts. If you are a Windows O/S user, fear not! When you see Cmd (command) keys, it is equivalent to Ctrl (Control) key on Windows keyboard. It is as simple as that!

1 Up The Challenge!:
I hope you can learn to create this simple animation before you move on to more advance animation tutorials. Once you have completed this animation, challenge yourself one step further by making your bouncing ball bounce from left to right!

Drop me a comment if you have accomplished the challenge! Or if you have problems or questions, put it down on comment below and I'll assist you!


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