Learn To Animate with Observation eBook

Learn to Animate with Observation eBookLearn to Animate with Observation eBook is a fundamental learning about creating your animation to Life. The purpose of this ebook is to guide you in your observation skill and identify what is good and what needs improvement in your animation.

Why the creation of Learn to Animate with Observation eBook?

When I first started learning animation in 2002, I faced the same problem as beginners like you who are unable to tell what is a good animation. Colleagues or friends provided comments such as not nice, unnatural, etc., but most importantly, they will never tell me how to improve my animation. For very obvious reasons for their reply, they are not animation trained and I do not blame them but rather, I blame myself for not being able to 'see' what is wrong.





For the past few years in my educational career, I've taught many students in 2D and 3D animation and I come to realize the catalyst to creating a great animation. The key lies in our observation skill. We all have the observation skill within us except we have yet to develop it and apply to our animation. With good observation skill, it does not matter which platform you are creating your animation on, you will know exactly what you want in your animation and from here, you can find the right tool for the right task. This skill is not inborn but it can be trained. We can train ourselves just like a baby who learns to crawl, stand, walk and eventually until now, we are still walking because we apply this skill every day.

Who can use this eBook?

If you are learning to animate or is currently an animation artist who wish to improve yourself, you can make use of this guide to either build a strong foundation or improve your animation quality. Take some time to learn about yourself and your animation and find out how you can bring your animation to the next level.





Everyone has different learning pace so be patient with yourself in the learning process as you are just like a baby learning to walk. The ebook is a structured learning course and includes practices which helps to strengthen your understanding of animation at your own pace. Learning can be fun and enjoyable when you are learning at your own pace and when you see yourself progressing with results in your animation. The practices included in this ebook comes with my suggested answers for you to refer to, compare and think about.
Learn to Animate with Observation ebook preview

What does this eBook have?

This ebook contains 3 + 1 skills that you can take away from reading my eBook. The book will cover:

1. observation skills in still

2. observation skills in motion

3. observation skills in Life and last but not least,

4. methodology in learning animation.

We start off with observation skills in still to warm up our concentration on simple and easy still objects. Observation skills in this section are skills that can be used even when drawing with pencil and paper.

Once we are more familiar with observing in stillness, we stretch ourselves by observing objects in motion. This will get a little tougher as we have to retain what we have learned from observing still objects and apply new skills while observing moving objects.

When an object moves, it does not mean it has a Life. We finally challenge ourselves by learning how to observe subjects with Life. This is the toughest observation because subjects with Life is always unpredictable and filled with surprises. However, once you are able to capture the essence of a Life, your animation creation will be very interesting and entertaining.


What's your animation skill level now?

Now that you have gotten a quick experience in creating animation with my video tutorials, you might find that it is easy to start but not easy to create quality animation. If you had come to this page, you are probably a new animation learner, a graduate or a working junior animator. Whoever you may be, you came here because You want to create great quality animation but you have not been able to achieve it yet. By great quality, I'm referring to realistic, believable and entertaining animation.

Reading your book has helped my observation. I now look to observe rather than see and this became possible only after I came across 'POR'. After observing, recapturing isn't a big deal and also, animation doesn't seem difficult compared to when I haven't read your book. I believe I can please the audience now.
All thanks to you!
Jesse, University student



What's included with Learn To Animate with Observation eBook?

  • 12 principles of animation and how to apply them. (Over 10 hrs of self learning and practicing)
  • Sample answers for observation exercises.
  • Self assessment and schedule helper designed into each page.
  • Available for print in black and white or color.
  • Available in PDF, kindle or iBooks format.
  • Over 40 color pages and images.


Course duration

Beginner course covers over 10 hours of practicing and learning. However we all know that everyone has their own learning speed and attending a class can be frustrating because there is only 1 or 2 trainers to many learners. I designed this ebook so you can enjoy the learning process at your own pace, at your most comfortable environment.


So how much does this Learn to Animate with Observation eBook cost?

All these exciting and useful content about animation fundamental would easily cost more than $80 to learn in a short course. My intention to create this ebook so that your animation learning is affordable. I am NOT going to sell it at $40, even when this price is already a rip off for the contents included. My fee for you is only be $19.90! ONLY $3.90!

> Instant access! Wait no more to start learning animation!

> Downloadable eBook to be conveniently viewed on your mobile, iPads, kindle, laptops or PC! Go green!

> Learn comfortably and conveniently at home or cafe, save time and expenses on traveling!

> Enjoyable learning process with sample answers to check your progress!


60 Days Money Back Guarantee

60 Days Money Back Guarentee

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I’m so sure that you’ll enjoy learning 3d animation with me that I’m offering a “No-Questions-Asked” 100%  60 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you purchase my Learn to Animate with Observation ebook and doesn't like what I'm teaching you, then I don’t want your money. Simply ask for your money back, and I’ll happily refund your purchase in full. No hard feelings because I know this ebook will definitely improve your animation quality within 2 weeks.


Why am I creating so much for so little?

Maybe I'm crazy after making too much animation, but I feel happy when I am able to stretch YOUR potential AND at the most affordable price. We live in an expensive society and I want you to learn, enjoy and grow with me without having to beg, borrow or steal.


Don't wait any longer! I am only giving all these CRAZY offers for limited time only! Grab all these exciting contents at ONLY $19.90! ONLY $3.90!

Still not convince? Check out some previews from my eBook.

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On top of all these great contents, I'm giving you my personal support. If at any point of time you are stuck in your learning, drop me a comment I'll answer your questions as much as I can! That is my commitment to you!

Hear what others say:

Learning with Nash was very enjoyable. He was very responsible, patient and professional teacher. This course significantly helped improved my skill on 3D Max.

Salad, Multimedia Student

Nash is a helpful and skilled lecturer. Passionate in his teaching and value his student's ideas and input.

Candice, Multimedia student

Thank you once again for reading and I wish your animation passion burns brightly!


Nash Lin

p.s. Give yourself the opportunity to learn something you like and give your best to create something you can be proud of!