Stop Motion Animation with iPhone

Stop Motion RecorderRecently I discovered this iPhone app called Stop Motion Recorder. My initial intention is to create flipbook animation into video and this app turns out to be really easy to use. It has good features to help animators in creating fun and creative stop motion. While I was goofing around during work, I created my first stop motion video with my iPhone. Here is how it looks like:

I'm trying out the features of this app and its functionality. In order to create this stop motion animation, all I need is:
1. Put my iPhone on a stand (for stability of recording)
2. Turn on Stop Motion Recorder and have it on standby
3. Have fun placing your toys and plan what I want to do with my toys
4. Click 'Start' on the app. You can choose manual capture using sound command, or you can set it to capture a shot every 3 seconds.
I experiment with the my Evangelion swinging his weapon and fly away. This is the outcome:

The good part about Stop Motion Recorder is that it allows different Frames Per Second (FPS) settings from 6fps to 12fps, which is handy for animators to churn out a smooth animation video. Few other quality features included are union skin, deleting unwanted frames, rotating video, etc. And of course for $0.99USD, this is definitely a good buy for me. For more details, you can read more at this link.

As part of the Bovine Workshop with my student, Tommy, I wanted him to experiment something new in creating animation. Based on what Tommy had learn in my class, he applied some basic animation principles such as easing in and easing out while creating this stop motion video. We had lots of fun trying to be funny and at the same time creative! The following serious looking animation are done by Tommy, while those funny background animation is done by me, in my attempt to self entertain while Tommy takes his time to think and pose his figurines.

I was very envious when Tommy showed me his cabinet of Bionicles by Lego. A rough gauge from what I see, he should have collected 30-40 of those Bionicles figurine but currently left untouch inside the dark closet. I manage to convince him to bring them out to take a breather and here is the result.

Have you tried the Stop Motion Recorder? If you have, do share by commenting what you have created or tell me your experience with the app!

You can also consider creating a flipbook animation if you like to draw.