How to transform from Zero to Newbie animator? (Beginner’s Portfolio)

I have this animation student, Tommy, who is 16 years old. He is actually very timid and quiet because he doesn't talk much and he is always apologetic. He says "sorry" every other minutes for things he thought he did wrong. However, Tommy likes animation a lot and watched a lot of animes such as Bleach, Soul eater, etc.

My first impression about him is that he might just touch this (animation class) for a while and he will get bored and quit. I tell myself, "Well, I'm here to guide him, I'll try my best to teach him." It was tough in the beginning to teach Tommy because he is too quiet and I have no idea what's going on in his mind. As a teacher, it can be frustrating to not receive any response from student, so I try means and ways to motivate and break ice with him.

"If a teacher gives up on any student, its as bad as looking at a person drowning by the sea without helping him," this was what I told myself a year back. I know it is always irritating to nag like a mother to a child, but I guess thats the job for a teacher; to constantly remind and motivate the student no matter how bad their attitude or capability are.

Trying many means and ways, my most successful approach to motivate Tommy is 'Passion'. I find out what he likes to do, what anime he likes to watch and what toys he have. I use what is 'Fun' to him as a carrot to get him moving forward. As an artist, you must find the passion in you to do what you want to do. Without passion, you will soon find yourself slowly getting tired of your work and eventually quit.

Here are some of Tommy's works after taking my class for a couple of months. I do feel proud of him for creating these flip book animation because some of my older students wouldn't be able to create these even after half a years work.


Flipbook Animation: Fundamental of Animation Portfolio

Flipbook Animation: Stick man vs bouncing ball

Stopmotion Animation: Lego Robots War

Passion is what drives a person to be alive and to be motivated to do something beyond their capability. Do you have a passion for animation?

Tommy is still my student after 1 year and he is now learning to create his own 3D character, rigged and to be animated soon.


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