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Here, I'll share with you how you can become an animator, just like me, except 10 times faster.

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About Nash Lin

Nash LinNash is a self taught animator, a fanatic gamer and a digital media coach. He has created many types of 2D and 3D animation. You will get to learn effective animation skills and tips with Nash.
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Mobile Game Design – Gameplay Case Study of Clash of Clan Vs Warcraft 3

Strategy games have evolved from desktop computers to mobile devices over the decade. Previously, I talked about the gameplay of Clash of Clan¬†and what makes it engaging. This post will focus on¬†comparing the gameplay of strategy games between two different platforms, Warcraft 3 as desktop strategy game and Clash of Clan as mobile strategy game. These are design insights I've found after playing lots of popular¬†strategy games for many years. I make use of these insights to help me improve my own mobile game design which I'm currently working on. I'll start off with drawing similarities on game mechanics, followed by comparing 7 game elements found between both games. As in app purchases (IAP) do kill mobile game design, I'll be ignoring aesthetic and monetising aspects¬†for this comparison exercise. Let's dive straight in. Mobile Game Design For Strategy Games What Is Strategy Game? CoC, W3 or Starcraft 2 (SC2) are considered war strategy games. The main objective of the game is to deploy troops, destroy opponent's base and win the game. However, opponent's base is likely to be defended by some troops or defensive tower. Thus, player has to strategize their attack by using different troops at appropriate location, appropriate timing. So what makes a strategy game strategizing?   In Game Variables All troops has many variable attributes which I'll list them out in a while. Strategising begins when each unique troop has different strength and weakness in their attribute. I'll go through the different¬†variable attributes followed by some examples of troops found in Clash of Clan and Warcraft.   Click & Share!   Health (Hitpoint or HP) HP...

Intermediate 3D Animation Course Singapore (Bugis Plus Colosseum)

Intermediate 3D Animation Course Singapore is held at Bugis Plus Colosseum. Time: 10am - 5pm (1hr lunch break at 1pm) Date: 18th June 2015 Venue: Colosseum @ Bugis Plus, 201 Victoria Street, #05-06, Singapore (188067)   This is a 6 hours hands on training, learning character walk cycle animation with Maya.   What you will learn: 1.¬†3D Character Walk Cycle Animation 2. Application of Principles of Animation 3. Character Animation Mechanics 4. Character Animation Workflow This is what you will achieve at the end of the intermediate 3D Animation Course:                         Who is this class for? 1. You like to learn advance animation concept 2. You like 3d and have not got dizzy yet 3. You have basic animation background 4. You want to learn character animation 5. You like to try 3d animation as career in future   What's Bean Sprout F3R3 Method? These are the main key points we want to include in our walk cycle animation: 1. Character walks naturally without any jerks 2. Good demonstration of forces and overlapping actions 3. Input of impactful details such as balancing, natural looking hands, visually appealing toe movement, subtle head motion and more. The challenge that beginners face is juggling all these aspects at the same time. Using Bean Sprout F3R3 method, the entire walk cycle animation can be¬†broken down into bite sizes which prevents beginners from being confused. The character is animated in the following¬†Bean Sprouting¬†sequences: A. Pelvis B. Legs C. Upper Torso D. Head E. Arms   We then apply the¬†Foundation 3 and Refinement 3...

How To Design A Mobile Game? Case Study: Clash Of Clans

So you want to design¬†a mobile game but you have no idea how¬†to start. This case study looks at Clash of Clan (CoC) to explain what you need to know before creating your own mobile game. Then I'll show you how to design a mobile game starting with game play. Let the fun begins! Successful Mobile Game Design Case Study: Clash of Clan Clash of Clan (CoC) is one of the top grossing mobile games in iTune store.   Almost 700 gamers reviewed and more than 60% players rated 5 stars for CoC.   Their estimated daily revenue¬†on thinkgaming.com is whooping one million!   Results speaks for itself. The game must have good mobile game design to achieve such good results until now. So what exactly does creating a mobile game design requires? Designing a mobile game involves a complex development process of piecing 4 main elements into one. The 4 main elements are: A. the game concept, B. the game play, C. the visual and D. the interactive controls. Gamers are subconsciously perceiving these 4 elements simultaneously while playing a¬†game. Let's start with a deeper analysis into the game play. Click & Share! Learn To Code by Making Games - Complete Unity 5 Developer - ONLY $10!! Expires 30 June The Game Play Design of Clash of Clan The game play explains how the entire game is executed. Think about objectives, rules, rewards, progress, levels, etc.   Clear Game Objectives Game objective is primary purpose for gamers to play and challenge their skills. It's similar to scoring in basketball or soccer where the players tries to the ball...

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Game Design : Visual Aspects

In few weeks time, I'll talk about the visual aspect of a game design. I'll also cover tips on having good user interface (UI) and interesting game characters.