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Hi I'm Nash, a self taught animator, a fanatic gamer, a digital media coach and a father of two.

I created iLearnToAnimate.com to compile my animation techniques over the years.

Here, I'll share with you how you can become an animator, just like me, except 10 times faster.

How? By learning from my mistakes, learn how I overcome it and finally, enjoy the fun learning experience with me ūüôā

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About Nash Lin

Nash LinNash is a self taught animator, a fanatic gamer and a digital media coach. He has created many types of 2D and 3D animation. You will get to learn effective animation skills and tips with Nash.
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3D Animation Short Course In Singapore

Want to create your own 3D animation but not sure where to start? June school holiday is here! Take up a 3D Animation Short Course In Singapore! Create your very own exciting 3D animation in this June¬†school holiday! Free Learn To Animate Ebook upon sign up! Scroll down¬†to find out more! 3D Animation¬†Short Course In Singapore 1. Beginners 3D Animation Short Course What you will learn: 1. Introduction to animation concept 2. Working with Maya's Interface for animation 3. Bouncing ball animation 4. Soft waving animation 5.¬†Exporting animation as video This is what you will achieve at the end of the 3D animation class:   ¬†¬†¬†   Who is this class for? 1. You like to learn animation 2. You like 3d (3 dimensional space) 3. You have no animation background 4. You want to learn new software 5. You like to try 3d animation as career in future     Testimonials Nash is a helpful and skilled lecturer. Passionate in his teaching and value his student's ideas and input. Candice, Multimedia Student   Learning with Nash was very enjoyable. He was very responsible, patient and professional teacher. This course significantly helped improved my skill on 3D Max. Salad, Multimedia Student   Event Photo ¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† ¬†¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†     2. Keep The Video Training Materials Even After Class! Ever wanted to ask the trainer to repeat the steps again after class? Now you can! You get to watch all the training videos from all the classes even after it ends! You can watch it repeatedly to practice 3D animation at home! This allows you to refresh your...

How to Start a Walk Cycle Animation in Maya

In this article, I'll¬†talk about the 3 areas that get you started in your walk cycle animation in Maya: 1. Understanding the key to realistic walk cycle animation 2. Preparing a character rig for a 3d walk cycle 3. Blocking a¬†walk cycle animation It is not easy for beginners to create a walk cycle from scratch. Whether you are learning 3D animation in an animation school or on your own, this article will guide you from the foundation. Let's dive straight in. Understand the key to realistic walk cycle 3d animation Walk cycle is a continuous natural motion of a humanoid trying to make himself fall forward by putting himself off balance. When that happens, he uses one of his leg to catch himself from falling and take a step forward. This actions happen over and over again in our daily life but because it's so natural and happens to us unconsciously, we hardly take notice of it. As these actions take place, the humanoid is always pivoted on one leg while the other leg is catching the entire body. This results in looping 4 stage of motions: 1. contacting the ground 2. catching the body 3. recover body balance 4. falling forward 5. contacting the ground (repeat 1)     Sharing Is Caring! Click And Share!   Preparing a character rig for a walk cycle animation On the 2nd half of the video, I talk about preparing a rig for animation in Maya which will help to make things easier during your animation process. Here is where you can find more details about the Norman rig. Supposing you...

Animation Case Study: How I effectively Apply Principle Of Animation To Create A Realistic Walk Cycle 3D Animation In 3 Hours

In this post, I'm going to walk you through how I create a realistic walk cycle 3D animation by applying the principles of animation in the most effective way. I have been using this method when I started learning animation to create my walk cycle animation¬†in Maya. Until now, I am able to apply this technique in my walk cycle and any other character animation even when I use other software such as Cinema 4D or 3DS Max. And in this case study, I'm going to show you exactly how I break down¬†walk cycle animation using this method, step by step. Read on to learn how...   The Bean Sprout F3R3 Method: (An effective 3d¬†walk cycle¬†animation sequence for beginners)   This is the walk cycle animation I created from scratch in Maya within 2 hours. I used Norman Rig for this walk cycle which is easy and free for beginners to practice. What I love about this approach is that beginners would not feel intimidated by what is needed to complete a 3d walk cycle. Walk cycle can be done segment by segment and building on top of what is been done previously.   My student, Tommy, used this method while creating his first 3d walk cycle and this is what he had achieved. On top of the method, added some fun personalities to his walk cycle by exaggerating the shoulders and arms.             Subsequently, Tommy, modelled his own 3D character and created another walk cycle animation using the similar method and this is how it looks like. This round, Tommy made his character...

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